After crossing the village of Castellania along the paved road, you reach the hamlet of Sant’Alosio, (1.7 km, about 30 min walk or 10 min by bike).
At the top of the hill on which stands the small village, two identical towers stand out, one in front of the other.

An example of 13th century military architecture, built from carefully quarried local stone (found in all buildings in Tortonese region, often interspersed with bricks or pebbles), they represented the main points of connection of the optical signals with the other towers present in the territory of the bishopric (as Bavantore and Sorli).

A road, called “del Vescovado” or “dei feudi”, connected the various villages under the temporal power of the bishop of Tortona, to San Biagio, and thus to Sant’Alosio.
From the old fortified building, it remains today the two tower sections of about 4 m side, originally measured more than 20 m high, then lowered in the first half of the 1900s to avoid their collapse.

Alessandro Milan
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